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Bali Wanderlust

A day dedicated to complete silence is the crowning point of the New Year celebrations in Bali. This celebration takes place across six days, and on the third day the whole of Bali Island literally comes to a standstill. During this time, Ngurah Rai airport in Despasar doesn’t receive any incoming flights, and no flight is allowed to leave the airport either! Despite these curiosities, Nyepi is one of the most exciting celebrations on the planet. All the hotels are required to cover their windows and every shop must be closed. I mean every shop! All Balinese homes will have no light be it from candles or any other source of light. They will all be dark. All the roads...

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Catch-up with MJ The Flying Ears Beagle

We had the pleasure this week of catching-up with MJ, The Flying Ears Beagle. MJ's amazing owners, Noam and Diana, were very kind to translate, as I don't speak French... or dog. MJ is the cutest 3 year old beagle and has become insta-famous. He lives in Toulouse, France with his two humans and best friends, Diana & Noam. His hobbies include taking a nap, chewing his  toys, jumping on sofas, meeting new friends and playing with them, eat, but also exploring the world. What’s the best thing about living in France?Wow, that’s a hard question. France is a beautiful country and I love my lovely pink city, Toulouse. I love the french gastronomy even if my dietician doesn’t allow...

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How to Plan for the Ultimate Road Trip

Hello Wanderlusters! Jennii Lyn here. My husband and I have become profesh at road tripping. We spend a lot of time in the car taking smaller trips to see the wonders close to home. I’ve put together a list of packing items so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything crucial. Emergency KitNo matter where we’re going, we keep a 72 hour kit in our trunk. Having the safety net is a great way to ease our minds about taking long backpacking trips or long road trips through remote country. We’ve used a few of the items, and make sure to replace them ASAP. Our 72 hour kits include:    •    An extra change of clothes    •    Emergency cash    •  ...

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