Why People Who Travel are Happier

You’re a dreamer. A wannabe adventurer. You’re lusting over greener pastures. Instead of sangria in San Sebastian you’re admiring your new packet of post-it notes that just arrived from the stationary order you put in last week with your new receptionist. You’re living for the weekends because that’s when you can breathe in the salty hair and feel the sand between your toes. But before you know it Monday beckons once again. Your feet are itchy, you need to do something, you know that your inner explorer needs to break free. If this sounds familiar, never fear. Here’s the ammunition you’ve been waiting for. Simply, people who travel are happier and here’s why.


Wanderlust by definition is to have a strong desire to travel. People who travel have a burning desire to be anywhere they’re not. While this sounds negative, it’s the opposite. It’s this passion that keeps them moving forward. People who travel have goals to kick, places to be and people to meet. Travellers are driven. Those with wanderlust know there’s more to life than being in one place and it’s this challenge that takes them further.


Wonder filled
People who travel don’t take things for granted. They have perspective. They look at the most simple things with wonder. Adventurers understand differences in culture and appreciate life for it’s simplicity. They approach life with a glass-half-full attitude and have a wicked power for turning negatives into learning experiences.

Wander Lost
Explorers don’t have anywhere to be at any particular time. They are fluid with their plans and are happy to get lost. With nowhere to be, people who travel notice the little things along the way. With their heads held high the take the time to say hello, smell the daisies and wander down the alleyways.


Folks who travel take time to wonder. Take time to ponder. They are considerate and challenge everyday situations with thought. They don’t see the status quo as a way to be. They try to see situations in different lights and understand that not everything is black and white.

People who travel are happier because they understand there is more to life than working, trivial nonsense and holidays once a year. People who travel talk about adventures, not other people. Being a traveller is a way of life and their acquired perspective doesn’t fade over time. Happiness awaits for those who have wanderlust, can wander lost and will be wonder filled.


Story by Tahlia Maynard
If you manage to find her without a Caramel Latte in hand, you’ve spotted yourself a rare sight. Tahlia is an Australian digital nomad, writing from one café to the next. On a Sunday you'll find her water painting or curled up in sloth mode with popcorn and a tragic rom-com.


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