Why Local Travel Is Awesome and How to Get Started

Hey Wanderlusters. Jennii Lyn from Canteens and Carabiners here. The last few months have been a little bit crazy for the hubs and I. We bought our first home and spent a lot of time packing, moving, and unpacking. We both started new jobs, have been volunteering for our church, and started a little side business. It has been CRAZY! Unfortunately, this hasn’t left as much exploring the wonders of the World. Instead, we’ve been focusing our few free weekends exploring the local scene. I have loved this experience, so I wanted to put a plug in for local travel, and give you a few tips on how to get started. No one wants to be THAT person who lives near the grand canyon their whole life and never sees it - right?

Grand Canyon

It’s Cheap

Perhaps one of the other big reasons we haven’t been traveling as far this year, is because we were so focused on paying off student loans. Living in Utah, there are TONS of National Parks within a half of a day’s drive away. It doesn’t cost much to drive to the park Friday night after work, set up camp, explore the park Saturday, and drive home later that night. That’s generally all the time we have. The only cost for the trip is for gas, food, and the park entrance. We pack all of our own food and will use a propane stove to cook it so the cost for food is pretty minimal too. No expensive plane tickets, rental cars, or restaurants required.


It’s Relatively Easy

A one day trip to somewhere close is a lot easier to plan than a 2 week trip somewhere foreign. If you have big dreams to travel far, then it’s a good idea to start with small weekend trips for some practice. You’ll how to dress, pack, and plan out a trip. All the advice on the internet doesn’t compare to having actually experiencing it and figuring out your own travel style.

There are Cool Things to Explore No Matter Where you Go

For those of you that are thinking - I don’t live close to anything cool! Then you my friend, are exactly the kind of person that needs to get out and explore. Learning to appreciate the land, the people, and the experiences of whatever wonders come our way is part of the fun.

How To Get Started

  • Talk to People - See what others enjoy doing in your city. No internet guide can compare with local knowledge.
  • Google It - An quick search engine query is bound to show lots of helpful information about what to explore.
  • Look at a Map - We found the Crators of the Moon National Reserve by looking at a map. It was a neat place, but not popular enough to come up on many search engines.
  • Eat Someplace New - Exploring the world doesn’t have to take a lot of planning. It can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant.

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