How to Plan for the Ultimate Road Trip

Hello Wanderlusters! Jennii Lyn here. My husband and I have become profesh at road tripping. We spend a lot of time in the car taking smaller trips to see the wonders close to home. I’ve put together a list of packing items so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything crucial.


Emergency Kit

No matter where we’re going, we keep a 72 hour kit in our trunk. Having the safety net is a great way to ease our minds about taking long backpacking trips or long road trips through remote country. We’ve used a few of the items, and make sure to replace them ASAP. Our 72 hour kits include:

    •    An extra change of clothes
    •    Emergency cash
    •    A flashlight with extra batteries
    •    MRIs/Freeze dried foods
    •    Drinking water
    •    Jumper cables
    •    Spare Tire
    •    Basic tool set
    •    Blankets
    •    Wet wipes
    •    Mess kit
    •    First aid kit
    •    Poncho/Simple Shelter


Your clothing choices can make or break the comfort of a road trip. Since you’ll be sitting for long periods of time, your clothing will be paramount.


Keep It Comfy
Thin sweatpants like joggers or leggings are my go-to for long road trips. A classy, but simple top like a jean or plaid button down are perfect for riding in the car. I also use simple t-shirts or v-necks paired with the joggers. Depending on location, I almost always keep a sweater or light jacket handy for stops along the way. A classy pair of sunglasses is a must to stay comfortable as the sun rises and falls.

Keep It Classy
No one likes stopping at a gas station and with baggy sweats covered in crumbs. You feel gross, you look gross, and you definitely won’t want to interact with any of the locals while you’re there. Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob. Wear clothes that fit and that you’d be comfortable interacting with people in. Keeping a simple, signature accessory is a great talking piece, and will keep you feeling sharp without sacrificing comfort or ease. You’ll be much more excited to take pictures and document your trip when you’re looking good.

Keep It Easy
Slip on shoes makes it easy to go from lounging in the car to ready for sightseeing in a snap. Road trips are really the only time I don’t promote layering. All the layers can get twisted and become uncomfortable after a long drive. I usually wear something simple like leggings and a tshirt with one extra sweater stashed where I can get to it easily. Knowing the length of your trip and how often you’ll make stops will help you know what to plan for.



We always pack our own food so we can drive for longer with fewer breaks. We keep a cooler or a cooler bag in the middle of the backseat. This makes it easy for the passenger to reach back and grab some snacks. Try to go for snacks that won’t make too much of a mess. We are pretty health conscious, so our favorite snacks include:

    •    Chopped veggies and hummus
    •    Fresh fruits
    •    Olives
    •    Nuts
    •    Hard boiled eggs
    •    Avocados and salsa

How to Pass the Time

We spend an embarrassing amount of time singing at the top of our lungs and causing a scene.

Our favorite road trip books include informational books about the destination, personal development, or coloring books. Yes - coloring books! You can find anatomy and geography coloring books for adults and they are the. best. We’ll get bird and plant guidebooks if we’re headed out for a backpacking trip.


Blankets and Pillows
It’s vacation! It’s time to relax and catch up on some sleep

A Road Trip Companion

Road Trips are a great time for my husband and I to have fun and reconnect. Hours of talking to each other passes the time faster than anything else.


How To Pack Your Car

Pack the trunk with what you’ll need further down the road (pun intended) and pack the backseat with what you want handy for the trip. We keep the section of the backseat behind the passenger seat empty so we can lay back and sleep if needed. We pack the middle seat with a cooler and the area behind the driver with blankets, pillows and anything we want handy.


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