How to Pack for a Fall Overnighter

Hello Wanderlusters! Jennii Lyn from Canteens and Carabiners here. Anyone else love FALL? To be honest, fall is my favorite - even above summer. I can’t get enough of pumpkin spice, bonfires, and oversized sweaters. We also usually do most of our exploring in the fall. My husband and I are taking a mini trip to do some rock climbing down at Maple Canyon this week, so I figured I’d let you in on exactly how we pack and dress for quick trips.


For the Car:

We’ll be making a few stops, and I always want to be able to go from car to classy as quickly as possible. We’ll actually be including a stop where I’ll need to look a little nicer. I’m probably going with leggings, ankle booties, and a t shirt. I’ve got a red and white kimono to go over the t shirt when we leave the car. It’s my favorite for covering up and staying warm in the fall. The kimono is easy to pack, and easy to take off and store in the car. My hair will probably stay in a topknot for the whole trip. I’ll also be able to trade out the leggings for a black pencil skirt in a matter of minutes and go from car to fancy in a matter of minutes.


Sleeping clothing is easy. I’ll use the same leggings and tshirt from the trip and simply add extra layers. I’ll pack a pair of joggers and an oversized long sleeve shirt for sleeping. Being able to use clothing for multiple uses is a great way to save space and headache. One tip for staying warm at night is to always change your socks! Extra pairs of socks don’t take up much room in a suitcase, and fresh socks make a world of difference!


We’ll be doing a lot of climbing, so I have my North Face Alpine Start Hoodie to wear over an under armor t shirt. I’ve got 1 pair of running pants that I’ll probably wear up while hiking and climbing. I’ll be carrying around a pair of climbing shoes and a pair of approach shoes to hike from the. Since it’s a simple overnighter, the extra weight of these items isn’t a big deal.

Complete Clothing List
    •    1 Pair of leggings
    •    1 Tee-shirt
    •    1 Kimono
    •    1 Athletic shirt
    •    1 Sports bra
    •    1 Pair of Joggers
    •    Long sleeve
    •    Approach shoes (for hiking to the climbs)
    •    1 Pair athletic sandals (like Chacos for the road and wandering around camp)
    •    1 Pair of ankle booties for fancier stops
    •    Climbing Shoes
    •    Lots of socks
    •    Underclothing

Everything Else
    •    Toothbrush/toothpaste
    •    Hairbrush/hair ties
    •    Deodorant
    •    Books to read in the car
    •    Camp stove
    •    Cooler and food
    •    Tent
    •    Sleeping bags
    •    Pillows

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