Catch-up with MJ The Flying Ears Beagle

We had the pleasure this week of catching-up with MJ, The Flying Ears Beagle. MJ's amazing owners, Noam and Diana, were very kind to translate, as I don't speak French... or dog.

MJ is the cutest 3 year old beagle and has become insta-famous. He lives in Toulouse, France with his two humans and best friends, Diana & Noam. His hobbies include taking a nap, chewing his  toys, jumping on sofas, meeting new friends and playing with them, eat, but also exploring the world.

MJ The Beagle

What’s the best thing about living in France?

Wow, that’s a hard question.
France is a beautiful country and I love my lovely pink city, Toulouse. I love the french gastronomy even if my dietician doesn’t allow me to eat too much. Also, I am in love with Paris, even if though it's considered not a nice city for dogs. I love walking on all the beautiful places and leaving my mark... if you see what I mean!!!! :)
But to be honest it's not the most pet friendly state in the world. There’s not that many places where I can run free in town, there’s even parks where grass is forbidden for me… I just don't get it… it seems things are a bit different in the US, in Brazil or Australia.

MJ The Beagle

What’s it like being famous on Instagram? Are you constantly being approached by dogs at the park?

Being “famous” on Instagram is a great source of adventure for me and for my humans Diana and Noam.
I could tell you that I receive products that my humans couldn’t have offered to me from all across the world. So I guess it’s cool for me. But the only important thing for us is that we’re receiving love from all over the world and that’s the best gift ever.
Thanks to my “popularity" we’ve spoken with hundreds of beautiful people across the globe - artists from the US, dogs from Europe, Thailand, and many other locations. Even in Australia, one of my best friends is the pawsome Homer! I'm sure you know him!
In our daily life, most of the people or the dogs who want to play or cuddle me don't know I’m a popular dog online. They just can’t resist my cute little beagle face, my smiling eyes, and my wagging tail :)
And when they know me, they’re so happy to finally meet me, that they want to take pictures with me and most important of all they want to hug me !!!
And then the discussion starts with my humans, talking about them, the dog they have in their childhood or they have now, they show us picture of their animals and we start talking about the unconditional love we have for our little furry friend.

MJ The Beagle

You seem to spend a lot of time on the couch with chips and beer - do you prefer being outdoors on adventures or chilling at home?

That’s also a hard one.
As I say a lot on my Instagram, I love sleeping so much that sometimes I even dream about it. That's in fact a quote from Two and a half men and my favorite quote of all time! It defines me perfectly. And as you can see on my gallery, I can sleep everywhere, whatever the time, the position, I always find a great spot to nap.
But I’m an “adventurer” too. I love playing with other dogs at the park and most of all I love exploring this pawsome world. For now i’ve just traveled in France, I have been to the sea, the ocean, the mountains, but I hope I can see other countries soon. Spain, England, Italy … and maybe one day the US or Australia. I'll come hiding in Johnny Deep plane! ...

Where’s your favorite place in the whole world?

My favorite place is without any doubt my humans sofa !!! when they’re not on it ! :-)
No !!! i’m kidding… I’m not a cat…
My favorite place in this world is close to my humans. That’s the only place where I feel good, happy, loved and protected.

 MJ The Beagle

Thanks to MJ for taking the time away from exploring the parks of Toulouse to catch-up with us. Make sure you check out MJ's amazing website.


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