Airport Style - Three Tips for Women

Written by Jennni Lyn

Traveling is all about the thrill of seeing new places, but between long layovers and cramped airplane seats, flying can be pretty miserable. By dressing right, you can make a long flight a little bit more bearable, and get back to enjoying your journey. One of the most infamous aspects of flying is airport security, but with the right style you can breeze through security while looking fabulous. Here are three expert tips for in-flight style.


Tip #1: Make the Most of Layers

Is it just me, or do flights always seem to be freezing - even if I’m flying out of Phoenix!? Wearing layers will help you adjust to the different temperatures of your departure city, the plane, any transfers, and your destination. A light jacket has worked the best for me. My favorite is the North Face Alpine Start Hoodie. It gives an outdoorsy flare to leggings and can be easily stuffed into its own pocket and stored in a carry on. Other ideas for layers include sweaters or cardigans - both easily paired with leggings, but can be more bulky than a light jacket.


Tips #2: Use Loose and Breathable Fabrics

Airport style has to balance comfort and fashion. Loose, breathable fabrics are the best. When I say loose, I don’t mean sloppy - or anything so loose that a TSA officer would suspect you hiding items underneath. My favorite loose and breathable items include maxis and boyfriend jeans. A maxi skirt or dress allows movement and can easily be dressed up with accessories, such as a Wanderlust Watches timepiece. Maxi dresses are light and don’t take up much room in a suitcase. Boyfriend jeans are a looser fit than many other jeans. Be conscious of any metal that may be on your clothing, as it may set off security alarms. They look classy rolled up just above the ankle and paired with simple tops and flats.

boyfriend jeans

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Tips #3: Supportive Shoes

Airports can mean a lot of walking, especially if you are transferring flights. Don’t try out new, flashy shoes on a trip, or you risk ruining your trip with blisters. You can breeze through airport security with slip on shoes, so it’s important to find a good balance of comfort and convenience. In tune with my outdoorsy style, Chacos or supportive sandals are my favorite walking shoes. Other great options include flats, slip-on sneakers, or ankle boots - basically anything without laces or fancy straps.


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