A Tick off my Bucket List


Hey fellow Wanderlusters, my name is Sophia, I'm a 22 year old Wanderluster from Germany. In the last couple of years I was lucky enough to explore many places that I always wanted to visit. I had my first surf lesson in Kauai, took a busy subway in New York, tasted the best pizza in Rome, spotted a bear in the Banff national park on his morning stroll and walked along the Seine at midnight. 

I love to see new places, get to know other cultures, learn other language and make new friends around the world. Traveling is like reading my favourite book, I can't put it down because I'm to curious to see what is happening next. Every place I went to so far was so different from the others and always super exciting. The feeling I get when I see a place in real life for the first time, after seeing it on pictures and hear people taking about it, is just unbelievably cool. Even though I went to many places and read many pages of my book, I'm always excited to read another chapter to discover new places I have never been to yet. On 30 December I decided to pack my bag, take my savings and go to the airport to start my longest flight so far. After 26 hours of traveling I arrived at 9am on 1 January at Sydney airport. When I took my luggage from the claim and went outside the airport I was curious to set my foot on Australian ground and to see it for the first time. 

Before I came to Australia, I heard many clichés about Australia and I was curious to see if they were right after all.


 1. Australians are super friendly and open-minded 

A stereotype that's absolutely true. At least from what I've experienced the last 4 weeks. Especially in my neighbourhood, Bondi Beach, people are super outgoing and friendly. Every time I go to the beach I meet new people that greet you with a 'hey, how ya doin' ?'. It's really easy to get to know new people in Australia! 

2. It's always sunny  

Coming from good (c)old Germany, I was definitely shocked by the hot and humid weather. I went from cloudy and rainy 1°C to sunny 35°C within just 2 days. For sure summers are really hot in Australia, but it's not always sunny and not always nice! With temperatures around 22°C to 35°C the weather is changing from beautiful days with clear blue sky to humid cloudy days followed by heavy rains and storms.

3. Locals spend all of their free time at the beach  

Completely true for all people living close to the ocean. Many Bondi locals get up super early to start their day with a surf, a yoga session, or a run along the promenade followed by some exercises at one of the famous outdoor gyms. With the beach so close to their feet, everyone is trying to spend as much time as possible at the beach.

 4. There are kangaroos everywhere 

The chances of seeing a real kangaroo in Sydney are unfortunately very slim. Unless you go to Taronga zoo or one of the neighbouring wildlife parks you won't find any. However, as I haven't been outside of the Sydney area much, I don't know how many I'll find out there.

 5. Deadly animals are waiting in every street corner 

Before I came to Australia, my family and friends were very concerned of my safety. With deadly animals like spiders, sharks, snakes, jellyfishes and crocodiles, Australia is known to be one of the most dangerous continents. Until now, I was only confronted with cockroaches and bluebottles. But with the humid weather this summer, more and more Sydney funnel web spiders are getting in the houses and I'm more careful whenever I see a spider here than I would be in Germany. I also check the Dorsal shark reports, as there was a sighting of a bull shark in Bondi just two weeks ago. At the end of march my friend and I are going on a road trip up to Cairns. I've heard that there will be loads of jellyfishes, crocodiles and sharks up there, so wish me luck! 


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