Tips for Travelling with Friends

There is nothing more spectacular than travelling with your friend, the opportunity to share experiences both good and bad can take your friendship to the next level or if not thought out - in to disarray.                                              

Understand what you both want from the trip

Everyone is different, and so making sure you understand what you both want to do is really important to having a good time. Depending on where you travel to you’ll find so many different things to do, and some people will prefer to say, go out all night while others prefer to be up early to see a city or place. No single approach is better, however it’s definitely better to have had this discussion before you go. This will also help you realise who you’d be best travelling with                    

Remember to compromise

If you’re travelling with someone, chances are you won’t want to do everything they do, and vice versus. The key is to compromise, work out what would make you both happy, and to also each do a few things for the sake of the other person so you meet in the middle. Who knows you might find your new passion!                        


Money can be a tricky subject when travelling, and shared expenses can be confusing to work out. It’s firstly important to work out what both your budgets so you are comfortable with the hotels/flight/restaurant choices you’re making, and then to work out a an approach so you both are happy with how it works. You could have a shared ‘kitty’ that you both contribute to and shared expense come out of that, or you could work on a ‘I pay for one, then you pay for one’ process. Make sure to work it out at the beginning of the trip so no one is left feeling out of pocket.                 

Try to be open with each other                 

Let’s be honest, even if you are best friends there will be times when you annoy each other. But instead of allowing something to bottle up and cause you to unleash after a few glasses of wine, try to be open and honest with each other.              

Have some time alone                           

Having some time alone when you’re travelling is key to enjoying shared moments. Having separate bedrooms is a great option when travelling but often not one that is financially viable, if that’s the case a few hours to do your own thing in the afternoon can make a big difference!         

Have Fun              

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel with your friends this is going to be an experience that you’ll remember forever. Your friendship is going to be so much stronger for it so remember to enjoy every minute and don’t let yourself fall into annoyance easily

Author: Christian Mischler, travel expert and Co-founder of HotelQuickly.                 


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