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If it’s action you are seeking for your next adventure, then explore the growing trend in active holidays. Australian wellbeing experts Paper Tiger offer health and wellbeing retreats with a difference - in tourism hot spot Sri Lanka.

Paper Tiger was founded in 2013 when Casey and Jenna found themselves burnt out from long hours and increasing pressure in their production jobs. Their ‘Balance Breaks’ are hosted at Talalla Retreat, Tangalle - on the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka where they offer surfing, yoga, pilates, boxing and barre classes.

Paper Tiger outline 7 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka:

1. Surfing - loads of islands in Asia have beautiful beaches and good surf, but Sri Lanka has a bunch of (uncrowded) surf spots ALL YEAR ROUND! Not only that, it has perfect breaks for beginners right up to more advanced surfers. Our faves are Hiriketiya in the South, Hikkaduwa in the West and Arugam Bay in the East (we’ve got a couple of secret spots up our sleeves for Balance Break guests too!)

2. The People - this country has been war torn for more than 30 years, then the 2004 tsunami devastated the country killing more than 30,000 people. After all that, people here are still the happiest, friendliest and most caring humans on the planet. Not to mention the dynamic melting pot of religious co-existence (Buddhists, Christians and Muslims to name a few)!

3. Getting around is cheap and doesn’t feel ‘touristy’ - Colombo can be a traffic beast, but once you skip the capital you’ll be amazed at how untainted Sri Lanka is. The public transport system is super cheap (maybe BYO valium) or hop in a tuk tuk and boot around town like a local. Nothing says adventure + holiday like jumping into a tuk tuk, indulging in some gangsta rap and hooning through the streets of Sri Lanka. Those bad boys can get you pretty much anywhere - lanes, forests, ditches… you name it!

4. Aryuveda - it’s the home of the Doshas, a centuries old medicinal system primarily derived from ancient ‘Vedic’ philosophy. Ayurvedic therapies focus on the five senses and have been known to help relieve ailments and help combat disease, especially for skin and digestive conditions. Don’t be put off by the potions, if you visit a reputable clinic you can expect decent care. At very least get a massage or two - there’s clever hands to be had!

5. Landscape and Wildlife - ever go on a holiday to an idyllic island, only to get island fever? Sri Lanka offers a taste for every bud. Adventurers can explore Lion’s Rock, Adam’s Peak, or the mountains of Kandy, culturalites can visit the tea plantations, safari with elephants and leopards, and visit the beautiful temples… and then you have the beaches, beautiful CLEAN beaches! You can spot sea turtles while swimming or surfing too. Cute!

6.Curries - India has some all-time curries, but if you’ve ever tried a Sri Lankan curry you’ll know what we’re talkin bout. The spices are next level and it is a vegetarian heaven if that’s what you’re into. Don’t forget to order coconut sambal and roti! On our Balance Breaks we run a cooking class with our main man Roshan so we can reap the benefits of his kitchen wisdom, then we hit the markets to bring all the (legit) spices home with us (mainly so we can linger in Sri Lankan memories, but also so we can impress our mates)!

7. Soul, sunshine and sexy time – Sri Lanka has managed to keep its soul (and cultural identity) without giving way to too much Western influence. The weather is ace most of the year, with low season May to August and high season December to March. For couples it’s the ultimate getaway – a little adventure, a lot of fun and heaps of hiding places to get away and enjoy each other…

If you have traveled to Sri Lanka leave a comment below with your best reason why you should visit. 

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