Catch-up with Li-Chi Pan

At Wanderlust Watches we want everyone to take the time to explore. To encourage this we will be doing a monthly interview series with key travel and creative influencers who have been to some pretty amazing places. 

Li-Chi is a lifestyle and travel creative that has kindly taken the time out of her busy day to chat to us.

Do you want to just tell us a bit about your background and your journey thus far?

Hi, I'm Li-Chi also known as @lichipan on Instagram! I'm South African born Taiwanese currently residing in Sydney. I moved to Sydney about six years ago to pursue my studies in Architecture and Design. I completed my Masters degree at the end of 2014 and didn't quite expect to end up doing Instagram almost full time, but I really am passionate about it and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Your Instagram is breathtakingly beautiful showcasing food, travel, architecture, interior design predominantly in a minimal white tone - where do you get your inspiration? 

I think my eye for composition was developed over the years through my studies in Architecture and Design. Colours, tonal value and design all play a large part in my Instagram feed and I take daily inspiration from the people that I meet, the food that I eat, travelling with an open mind as well as Pinterest on the odd occasion. 

You have worked with some pretty iconic brands, such as; Audi, Country Road & Laduree - just to name a few - was there a point where it felt like this all happened at once or was it a gradual build-up over time?

It certainly didn't happen over night and I didn't go into this industry thinking I would ever get a chance to work with any of the brands you just listed. I actually started out my Instagram as a way to stay in touch with family and friends who were all overseas initially. When I got offered my first travel gig overseas I could hardly contain my excitement, and I think it was then that I realised that good things were about to happen to me! 

You travelled to the UAE for a recent campaign with Dubai Tourism, what were your favourite moments from this trip? Any tips for our Wanderlusters on must go places?

My favourite part of the trip was the bonding that formed with the people I got to travel and interact with. Some of them have turned out to become some of my closest friends! 

I loved Dubai - it's such an incredibly surreal place. I loved the sand dunes as well as catching sunrise at the Burj! It really took my breath away being in the World's tallest building, but both are a must visit in my books.

Where is top of your travel bucket list, and why?

Bahamas! Swimming pigs and being able to hang out with Nurse Sharks need I say more? 

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