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We are an innately curious species. We exist in order to look at the question...simply so that we might happen to be able to ask it. We are educated, yet we seek knowledge. We are refined, yet we seek refinement. We are strong and yet we will always be insatiable. The question that we revere, is the question which might never be answered... It is a reason to think and feel with all our senses. The answer always has, and always will exist within the journey. It is the wondering of the human heart. It is a desire that fulfils us. It is a desire that engages us. It is a lust for the world brought to one's eyes, and the beauty brought to one's mind. It is inherent in our most beautiful wish to know more. To understand more. To be exposed to more and to believe in the greatness of our planet Earth. We brand ourselves, with our smiles, which we wield with pride. We are the true product of our life and time. We are Wanderlust.

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